Five Different Ways To Use A Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs can be used for so many different purposes that it’s almost silly to not consider the different ways you could be benefiting from your much-loved home item.

After all, their mouldable nature allows them to literally transform into any surface face you desire, and if you have a larger size bean bag the possibilities are virtually limitless for what can be achieved. 

For Sleeping On 

Now, mini disclaimer here. Obviously, bean bags probably aren’t going to be the best as a replacement mattress for a long-period of time so don’t go throwing your bed away just yet, but larger bean bag chairs definitely make a good temporary space for snoozing, and if you lay your bean bag down vertically on ground, you can definitely add a bit more comfort if you fancy a nap in the sun or in a quieter place in your home. 

For Gaming

Tons of game enthusiasts find themselves opting for a bean bag chair to help them stay comfortable while completing their favourite missions. If you’re someone who games 24/7, then it can definitely make a nice shift to move from either your sofa, or a specific chair and adjust your bean bag to just the right size and shape to fit your body. It also gives you the freedom to move around a bit more while enjoying your games!

As A Footrest You Can Place By Your Sofa

Not necessarily the chair's primary function, but many people also use their bean bag chairs as a temporary footrest to help convert their sofas into lounge chairs. If you’re not lucky to have an added footstool or corner sofa where you can put your feet up, just prop up your bean bag vertically and rest your legs on the bag! 

For Elevating Legs And Relieving Aches And Pains

If you find yourself suffering with a bit of muscle cramp or achy legs, bean bags are also a great tool for putting underneath your legs as you lay down to elevate and help encourage healthy blood flow. Obviously, if your pain persists the bean bag isn’t going to magically cure you - especially if the pain is associated with an underlying problem so it’s best to consult your doctor about what you may be experiencing, but for simple day-to-day cramps and aches, a bean bag is definitely a handy elevation tool!

For Creating A Comfortable Communal Space

Maybe you live with a few other people in your household, and always find you’re pulling chairs from tables and moving objects just to squeeze them all in. Bean bags are perfect for creating an easy to assemble ‘fun-zone’, whether that be a reading corner, an outside rest station or even just somewhere you can chat. Better yet, if you get your bean bags in a range of different colours, it can add a nice pop of brightness into your home!

[Featured Image Credit: @diaryofjames Instagram / @homeof30 Instagram]

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