Can You Wash A Bean Bag Chair?

So you may be new to owning a bean bag chair, or maybe you’ve had yours for a while now but you’ve happened to look over and spot that there’s a bit of leftover snack that’s indented itself into the once-pristine cover. Can you wash a bean bag if it gets a big mucky? Of course you can!

After all, bean bags are designed to be durable and long-lasting, so of course it’s probably a good idea to give yours a bit of a scrub down every now and again, especially if you’ve got a little one who enjoys getting their hands in everything and wiping it all over their favourite bean bag. 

Now it’s important to remember that what you need to clean is the COVER, and not the entire bean bag itself. Obviously, common sense would dictate that you likely don’t have a washing machine that would be big enough to fit the full chair itself inside, but simply remove the cover on your bean bag, pop it in your washing machine (or give it a good hand scrub, entirely up to you), let it dry naturally and pop it back together again. 

As long as you don’t put the inner part (where all the magic beans live) in the machine with the cover, you should have no problem! Lumaland bean bags actually come with covers that include a velcro and a zip mechanism, making washing time that much easier for you! 

In that same sense, you can also change your cover to match your mood and also current design scheme! Presuming when you first bought your bean bag, you opted for the turquoise cover to match your living room - but since then you’ve changed up the design to a beautiful black and white art-deco design. No problem, you can swap it out easily for a new cover with the colour of your choice and continue your life-long partnership with your bean bag. The joy of bean bags is that they’re moldable to suit you.

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